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We are the Longanecker family and we operate a small sugar glider breeding program.   Located in Washington just North of Seattle, we enjoy the ability to meet with future owners from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and even Canada to hand off joeys directly to their new families.  We will ship to other locations if driving is not an option for you.   Our sugar gliders are our pets first and foremost and are handled daily.  We have found that it is much easier to update current gliders and availability on our facebook page.  Please go to facebook and search for Acres of Sugar.  You'll see our cute little sugar glider logo there!   

We currently have classic grey, black beauty, black face black beauty, white tip, white face blonde, leucistic, mosaic, creme-ino, cedar red and platinum gliders. Temperament and health are priorities in our gliders.  We want every sugar glider that leaves our home to be happy, healthy well adjusted members of their new families.  Lineage is available on all of our gliders upon request.  

We feed our gliders Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney's Sugar Glider Diet along with fruits and vegetables.  Sugar gliders are not for everyone so we strongly suggest  you do lots of research before you decide to adopt these terrific little creatures!  They can live up to 15 years (maybe even more) and they bond to their people, and cage mates.  Adopting sugar gliders is a very serious decision.  We offer follow-up guidance and want to stay in touch with people who adopt our joeys.  If you have any questions or need information we are happy to help you!  Our goal is to have happy sugar gliders and happy glider families!  Sugar gliders are not a good pet choice for children.  We DO NOT adopt to anyone under the age of 18.  

If you are interested in adopting sugar gliders from us please go to the "Policies" tab and make sure you are satisfied with our terms before sending a deposit!