"The experience I have had with adopting Kisuke has been extremely pleasant. Tracy did a great job of keeping me up to date about kisuke while he was getting old enough to come home to me. Plus all the attention she had given him daily to assure a well mannered glider since I was looking for a bra baby temperament. Tracy picked a great glider to pair with me. He is such a super sweet little fuzz butt that loves giving kisses. I couldn't thank Tracy enough for such a healthy happy suggie I have now! "
Mistie W.

"Tracy is a wonderful person who cares for each of her gliders as if they were family.  My glider, Iso, was purchased from Tracy.  Upon delivery, Tracy made sure that I knew how to properly care for him and took the time to answer all of my questions.  She willingly provided her e-mail and phone number to me should I have any additional questions or ran into problems.  She even took the time to forward pictures of him that she had taken of him as a joey, which were priceless since I did not get to enjoy that period in his life.  Since that time, I continue to be in contact with Tracy, but now as a friend and fellow Glider Central member."
Jennifer M.

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